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City of Glass (Mortal Instruments)

City of Glass - Cassandra Clare I felt this book, which is the last of the original trilogy, took a while for anything to happen. I was afraid after the first 100 pages or so that it was going to be a little pointless but once things set off around 150-200 pages, it got quiet intense!A lot of things are wrapped up in this book regarding Clary & Jane, The Mortal Instruments, Valentine, etc. But also there are a lot of plot twists and very surprising outcomes.Again, I just want to stress how much I love Clare's writing. In one chapter she'll be narrating the story from a certain character's perspective and just as something really insane begins to happen, she's all "lol I'm going to end this paragraph/chapter here" and we would be somewhere else with a different character. It certainly kept me wanting to read more and it helped keep a steady pace throughout.I will probably be uploading a discussion video on the first three books. I'll leave a link when I do.